Don't you wish there was something out there that would GRAB your child's interest, ENGAGE them, and MOTIVATE them to WANT to learn how to read? 

Our "R.E.A.D. Box" is an every other month subscription that will kickstart your child's reading journey!

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Letter names, sounds, and the formation of how each letter is written

Phonological Awareness/Phonics

An understanding that a group of words form sentences, that letters make up words, that there are words that rhyme and can be broken into syllables, and when we blend letters together, we form words

High Frequency Words/Sight Words

Words that are often found in text that can't always be sounded out and others that are recognized and pronounced automatically


Learning that fluency is not about speed but rate, expression, phrasing, and comprehension


Meet Christie

First and foremost, I'm a mama of two, a wife, and a Christ follower! I've been in education for over 20 years and have served as a teacher, district coach, and the director of Differentiated Instruction.

I have a passion for students and a drive to ensure that ALL students have access to learning that speaks to them and allows them to achieve success, regardless of their learning style and level! My belief is that we ALL learn differently and in our own timing. We ALL however, can be SUCCESSFUL, if we are provided with the right tools to do so.


“When my daughter was in third grade, she hated to read or write anything! She didn't think she could. She thought it was too difficult, so she never wanted to try. I tried everything, including all types of curriculum.

I decided I needed to get one on one tutoring when I found Christie. I let her go for it and to take the reins. She started out simple with just letter names and sounds. Later, she went into other reading rules. A year later, my daughter is reading pretty well. She's made tremendous progress!

Christie has since, started writing with my child. Getting them to write at any age, can be challenging. My daughter has become more creative in her thinking, which will then lead to what she's able to put onto paper."


STOP the battle! START the journey!

Our R.E.A.D. box will provide your child the necessary tools they need to start successfully on their reading journey. Children must have the essential, foundational skills in order to be confident readers. It is time to throw out the pacing guide and start from ground zero. We must change our mindset from "IF my child will ever learn to read" and practice, "WHEN my child will learn to read."